CFS 2.0 - 8 Classes/m

$140 - Billed Monthly

With this monthly membership, you get to experience CrossFit Smithtown for 8-Classes a month! This membership automatically renews on the date you sign up for. We have a 14-Day Cancelation Policy. Please let us know 14-days before your renewal date if you wish to cancel your membership.  

CFS 1-Week Unlimited 2019

$50 - Billed Every Week

CFS 2.0 | Unlimited Everything Month-to-Month

$169 - Billed Monthly

Student Plan | CFS 2.0

$140 - Billed Monthly

CFS 10-Class Pack

$100.00 / 10 Pack

This is an 10-Class pack for any class that we offer at CrossFit Smithtown. This class pack will expire after 60 days of purchase. 

CFS New Year Promo - Punch Card for 10 Classes

$100.00 / 10 Pack

CFS Black Friday Special - Punch Card for 10 Classes

CFS 2019 Punch Card

$150.00 / 10 Pack

CFS 2019 Punch Card contains 10 classes

CFS 10 Class Punch Card

$150.00 / 10 Pack

You are allowed 10 classes with this punchcard.

2-Day On-Ramp Course

$250.00 / 2 Pack

Your 2-Day On Ramp Course Includes but not limited to:

Every movement is scaled back to anyone's abilities. No need to be intimidated! We want you to move safely =).

Day 1: Tuesday, June 18th  2019 @ 7PM
Weightlifting - Squat, Deadlift, Clean, Snatch

Day 2: Thursday, June 20th 2019 @ 7PM
Gymnastics: Pull-Ups, Toes to Bar, & Handstands
Mono-structural Movements: Rowing, Jumping Rope, and Running

Includes your First month of CrossFit!

E-Mail Us when you sign up!

CFS Beginner's Course

$250.00 / 1 Pack

The CFS beginner's course is a great way to learn about CrossFit, the culture of CrossFit Smithtown, and why we do what we do. We spend 90+ Minutes assessing your ability to perform olympic lifts, basic gymnastic movements, and testing your cardio vascular and respiratory work capacity. This course is not only for beginners, but for people who are looking to get back into CrossFit and need a refresher. By purchasing this course for $250, this also includes your first month, contract-fre